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Our vision of transportation is climate-friendly, convenient, affordable and available to all.
The emphasis is on moving people rather than vehicles, and on being there rather than getting there.
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How to Get Around on Public Transit
Want to quit driving? Have a friend or loved one who needs to quit? Want easy planners and trackers for your transit trip? This downloadable page is your ticket.

How Transit Can Regain Riders

The 2019 TransitCenter study Who’s on Board? How to Win Back America’s Transit Riders is out, and makes interesting, easy reading.  There’s also a concise readable summary in the TransitCenter article Who’s on Board? Riders Explain Why They’re Using Transit Less...

CA Mandates Electric Buses (by 2029)

California Requires New City Buses to Be Electric by 2029 Starting in about 10 years, California mass transit agencies will only be allowed to buy buses that are fully electric under a rule adopted by the California Air Resources Board. CARB says at that rate,...

We Need to Steer Smart with AV’s

We Need to Steer Smart with AV’s

Self-Driving Cars Need to be Steered in a Climate-Smart Direction Shared electric AVs whisking folks safely and efficiently to and from destinations and transit stops could be great. Easy solo gas-AV rides on a whim, not so much. Which will happen? Read the article....


Check out our blog of information from all over on climate solutions in transportation

Robo Heaven or Autonomous Hell?

Robo Heaven or Autonomous Hell?

Creating a Transportation Revolution that Benefits All. This Greenlining Institute report discusses the potential health, mobility, and social costs of moving to AVs. Read the article. January 23,...

How to Charge an EV if You Don’t Own a Garage 

Will an electric car work with your lifestyle? Read about how you can charge it up if you don’t have a convenient home garage to plug it in overnight.

Utilities Commission Approves $768 Mil for EV Infrastructure

California approves $768 million for electric vehicles:   The programs unanimously approved Thursday by the California Public Utilities Commission focus on creating the infrastructure to support charging stations particularly for electric trucks and buses, in contrast...

CA Fuel Economy Standards update – not good

CA Fuel Economy Standards update – not good

Trump Administration, Getting Set for a Major Rollback, Ends Clean Air Talks with California. Stanley Young, a spokesman for the air resources board, said meetings between the sides had been held but “were always at a superficial level, with no effort to engage in a...

High Speed Rail: What Happened?

High Speed Rail: What Happened?

Train to nowhere? Here’s how high-speed rail project went off the rails Did it go off the rails, or was it derailed by nimbyism and a diehard car culture?  California’s high-speed rail project has repeatedly hit lawsuits, engineering problems, geological obstacles,...

Human-Powered Transportation

One way to cut the carbon footprint and boost public health is to get more people biking and walking.  Read about how this is working out here and around the world. ‘For me, this is paradise’: life in the Spanish city that banned cars The mayor’s...

Our Car Efficiency Standards

They’re undoing California’s higher gasoline-mileage standards, which have led the way for half the country. Seventeen states, representing 44% of the nation’s people, will see them in court. Meanwhile EPA chief Pruitt tries to bully the states into...

Free Transit?

Some back-and-forth on the concept of Fareless Muni, and free transit in other cities. LA May Dunkirk France may be one of the first to go fareless. The city is still on course to start free transit in September. Estonia’s doing it Is this a good use of...

Active Transportation

Promote transit, biking and walking to reduce Greenhouse Gases

And take a look at this cool video: Rich City Rides Children’s Earn A Bike Workshop

Cleaner Vehicles

EV with solar 2Eliminate fossil-fuel vehicles by electrifying transportation.


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Legislation to achieve 1.5 million EVs in California–AB1184

GREEN ENERGY INCENTIVES PROPOSED FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES Legislation would establish a $3 billion fund to back increased rebates, making electric cars more competitive By Louis Hansen lhansen@bayareanewsgroup.com California could be poised to set up more generous...

350 Bay Area comments on Plan Bay Area

350 Bay Area submitted this detailed and informative comment on the latest update of Plan Bay Area. Letters of comment like this one that offer specific fact-based suggestions for remedying defects in the plan, and represent over twenty thousand informed activists,...