“Very few people on earth ever get to say, ‘I am doing, right now, the most important thing

I could possibly be doing.’  If you join this fight, that’s what you’ll get to say.”

Bill McKibben, Founder 350.org

The 350 Bay Area Transportation Campaign started in 2017 following the passage of SB32 in 2016. SB32 requires that the state achieve 40% reductions in greenhouse gases by 2030. The Transportation Campaign is focused on helping to achieve that goal in the transportation sector with a focus on the Bay Area.

The statement below describes 350 Bay Area in general:

350 Bay Area is a rising tide of thousands of volunteers urgently concerned about global warming. Founded in 2012, we are committed to protecting our communities from the damage caused by the fossil fuel industry, and are building a grassroots climate movement to achieve deep reductions in carbon pollution in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  

We lead major public demonstrations that educate the public and lawmakers and demand climate action:

  • Forward on Climate Rally and March, February 2013: Initiated and organized the largest ever Climate demonstration in the Bay Area.  5,000 people showed up in San Francisco.

  • Dirty Energy/Clean Solutions Climate Conference, May 2014: Lead organizer of first-ever grassroots climate conference featuring activists and leading scientists addressing technical and political climate topics in the Bay Area and beyond.

  • March for Real Climate Leadership, February 2015: Major organizing partner in the largest Anti-Fracking Rally in U.S. history, held in Sacramento.

  • NorCal Climate Mobilization, November 2015: Brought over 3000 activists to the streets in Oakland for a march and rally leading up to COP-21 in Paris.

  • Break Free from Fossil Fuels,  May 2016: 1,500 concerned citizens traveled to LA for this rally and march. Then many risked arrest at Porter Ranch, site of the huge methane leak.

  • Dakota Access Pipeline Protests, During 2016 and into 2017 our local groups organized many demonstrations and marches in support of the Standing Rock Sioux.

We are the voice of the people at the table during negotiations shaping groundbreaking climate legislation and are helping make California a national leader on climate solutions:

  • Launched Fossil Free California on Global Divestment Day Feb 13, 2015, a statewide coalition calling for CalPERS and CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels.

  • Formed and led the CA Clean Climate Coalition which successfully helped pass SB 185 mandating divestment of two of the largest U.S. pension funds from coal, and SB 350 which mandates 50% clean energy production and doubling energy efficiency in buildings by 2030.

  • Recognized by the CA Public Utilities Commission as a legal “party” successfully advocating for PUC protection of rooftop solar from challenges by the big utilities to end net metering incentives.

  • In 2013, led a successful campaign to convince the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Board to adopt a Resolution establishing a regional goal to reduce GHGs by 80% from 1990 levels by 2050. As a result, the Air District raised GHG emission fees, hired a climate program manager and increased full time climate staff by 700%.  

“Wherever they can make an impact in driving solutions, standing up to the fossil fuel industry, supporting sensible legislation and raising climate consciousness, 350 Bay Area shows up.”  Steve Kinsey, Former Marin Supervisor & Chair, California Coastal Commissio

Why support 350 Bay Area?

    California, and the Bay Area in particular, are recognized as national leaders on climate issues. We are the largest grassroots group in California with a laser focus on climate. Our track record of successful mobilizations as part of a national and state network has shown we have the capability to organize and turn out large numbers of volunteers. Our activism as an effective partner strengthens and supports the work of other local environmental and climate justice groups.  Our activist members have experience in the issues covered by our campaigns which makes us an important watchdog of public agencies and our legislature.   

  To take our primarily all-volunteer organization to the next level of effectiveness, increase our capacity for running our campaigns, grow our local groups and broaden our reach, we must draw in and train more volunteers who are willing to take on leadership roles.  In 2016, we hired our first staff members to manage, coordinate and support our campaigns, including training and better utilizing volunteers, building stronger relationships with our partners and our social justice allies, supporting a youth group and improving our online presence.   

2017 goals include:

  • Challenge the Public Utilities Commission to block new fossil fuel infrastructure projects and support local clean energy,  energy efficiency and solar.

  • Stop oil refinery expansion projects, halt dangerous rail transport of crude oil through Bay Area communities and coal exports from Bay Area ports.

  • Press the Air District to adopt strong, enforceable GHG, particulate and toxic emission reduction rules, cap emissions at Bay Area refineries and approve a comprehensive Regional Clean Air Plan.

  • Expand our Bay Area Youth Climate Action group, providing support for climate education and increasing the involvement and visibility of youth in our movement.

  • Strengthen relationships with our social and climate justice allies as we reach out to help protect the health of frontline communities.

  • Push the region to develop plans to achieve 40% reduction in GHGs from transportation by 2030.

  • Lobby the  CA legislature to pass climate friendly bills.

Your generous gift will support 350 Bay Area’s vigorous advocacy, organizing, actions and growth in this challenging era for protecting our climate.  

What is 350?  The number 350 means climate safety. To preserve a livable planet, scientists

tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of

400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.