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How Should Cities Get Ready for Autonomous Cars?

The Blueprint for Autonomous Urbanism from the National Association of City Transportation Officials says: start working groups to plan for automated vehicles, stop expanding roads, dedicate some traffic lanes to transit and, perhaps most importantly, “avoid creating...

Microtransit May Help Public Transit Win Riders

Microtransit could bring the advantages of ride-hailing to public transit systems.  Riders would summon mid-size vehicles for shared rides, or get solo rides from remote places to transit hubs. One company is set to produce 6 and 8-door electric vehicles for the...

LA Times for Pro-EV Laws

Nov. 1, 2017  The L.A. Times declares: the free market is not working fast enough to wean us from our dependence on fossil fuels to power our cars and trucks ….. So we need to throttle back the production lines of the worst polluters and create demand...

How to Get Around on Public Transit

Download: Getting Around on Public Transit Better for the climate, safer and simpler for you Transportation is the biggest source of climate-poisoning carbon dioxide in the Bay Area. Sharing rides means less of these pollutants in the air. Far fewer people are...

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