California Requires New City Buses to Be Electric by 2029

Starting in about 10 years, California mass transit agencies will only be allowed to buy buses that are fully electric under a rule adopted by the California Air Resources Board. CARB says at that rate, municipal bus fleets will be fully electric by 2040. It estimated that the emissions cuts will be the equivalent of taking four million cars off the road.

[Note: 4 million car equivalents off the road may not sound like much – DMV reports about 25 million registered cars in the state.  But if the number of transit vehicles grows and the number of ICE cars shrinks, the impact will be significant.]

About 150 electric buses run on California’s roads today, a small fraction of the state’s fleet of 12,000 buses… Shenzhen, China, announced last year that all of its 16,000 buses were now electric.

By Hiroko Tabuchi, NY Times, Dec. 14, 2018

CARB’s presentation climate and health advantages:

CARB eBus GHG emissions 2018 CARB eBus Nox and PM2 emissions 2018

and economic help:

CARB eBus Incentives 2018

Mary Nichols was happy:

CARB eBus Nichols tweet

View CARB’s presentation on the rule