Cincy Cuts Parking to Make Core More Walkable
The Queen City joins a growing number of cities rethinking minimum parking requirements. Both Hartford and Buffalo, in recent years, have done away with the rules citywide, while Houston is considering exempting some central neighborhoods from such requirements.
By Angie Schmitt, Streetsblog, Sep 20, 2018

Hartford Eliminates Parking Minimums Citywide
Support for citywide elimination of parking minimums was nearly universal, said Bronin. The reforms are expected to reduce housing costs, cut traffic, and reduce harmful [water] runoff. About 42 percent of Hartford is impermeable surfaces, says Bronin, which contributes to water pollution and the urban heat island effect.
By Angie Schmitt, Streetsblog, Dec 13, 2017

Buffalo Becomes First Major U.S. City to Eliminate Parking Minimums
Buffalo became the third major US city to adopt a form-based code (FBC) for the entire city, after Miami and Denver. Many other cities and towns have adopted FBCs for portions of the municipality — the Codes Study counts 362. The Green Code, like other form codes, focuses on regulating urban form rather than separation of uses.
By Angie Schmitt, Streetsblog, Jan 3, 2017