We advocate for a number of climate-related initiatives, like parking policies that discourage single-occupancy vehicles, pay-as-you-go car insurance, traffic management for lower emissions, car sharing, and public education campaigns.

Electrify Autos and Trucks

Fossil-fuel burning cars are the most profitable for the giant companies that sell cars and fossil fuels.  They put a lot of pressure on politicians to regulate against climate-friendlier alternatives, and advertising into making gasoline cars the favorite transportation choice. Education programs let people know things like the massive carbon emissions from gas cars and trucks in the Bay Area, how to get an affordable electric car, why ride-sharing is important and how to get you your destination on public transportation.

Parking policies that discourage single-occupancy vehicles

Fewer parking places along busy downtown streets will reduce congestion and encourage people to use public transportation or carpools, walk or bike where feasible.  The extra lane can be used for speedy bus service.

Housing developments should include fewer parking spaces per household in urban areas, and developers must pay for the increased public transportation that residents will need.

Congestion pricing charges drivers who are on the road at rush hour, usually by a computer system that charges their account, like FastTrak.  This also encourages commuters to double up, bus up, or bike if they can.

Traffic management for lower emissions

Instead of paving over more and more land to widen roads for solo driving, we can manage traffic to encourage vehicle sharing  and electric vehicles.  Tolls can increase during rush hour, and can be adjusted to give lower-emission and higher-occupancy vehicles a break, with public transit vehicles free.


Car sharing assistance

Public websites and programs help match drivers and riders for commutes and for the gaps between the last transit stop and the home or workplace.  Political support helps keep these sites funded, especially when they serve the underserved.

Pay-as-you-go car insurance

Drivers who pay less for lower mileage have a built-in incentive to use their cars less.