Metro CEO supports congestion pricing, free fares on public transit
By Elijah Chiland, Curbed LA, Dec 6, 2018
Several board members latched onto the idea, including Los Angeles City Councilmember Mike Bonin, who emphasized the potential environmental benefits of congestion pricing.
“We are committing suicide as a species through climate change,” said Bonin. “Anything we do to make driving cheaper and anything that we do to make transit more expensive gets us away from the big issue.”
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also suggested the agency should consider the option. But he acknowledged that charging new fees on drivers in such a car-dependent city would be a political risk. “The moment you say something like congestion pricing,” he said, “there’s probably going to be nothing else in the headlines today.”

Some of the comment was favorable:
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Some was not:
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Here is some background about the concept:
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