Our Vision

Our vision of transportation is climate-friendly, convenient, affordable and available to all.
The emphasis is on moving people rather than vehicles, and on being there rather than getting there.
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August Transportation Campaign Meeting

August 19 @ 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Not our usual meeting – We’re meeting face-on at the Sierra Club in Berkeley and chang...

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How to Charge an EV if You Don’t Own a Garage 

Will an electric car work with your lifestyle? Read about how you can charge it up if you don’t have a convenient home garage to plug it in overnight.

Housing and Transit

One Thing Silicon Valley Can’t Seem to Fix
It seems obvious to build a large corporate office near a transit stop, but only 21 percent of Bay Area jobs are within a half-mile of a regional rail station. If you take San Francisco out of the equation, that percentage drops to 5 percent.
By Allison Arieff, New York Times Opinion, July 8, 2017

Changing the politics of housing in California
By Chris Elmendorf, Rick Frank and Darien Shanske, SF Chronicle, April 26, 2018
California is not going to achieve large-scale, high-density development near transit unless it can change the local politics of housing.

Bill for Housing near Transit in LA
Senator Ben Allen’s SB 961, which Move LA wrote and is sponsoring, would create “Neighborhood Infill Finance and Transit Improvement (NIFTI-2) Districts” around rail stations and along high-frequency bus corridors.
gloria ohland | 397mp
April 25, 2018


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Employer Shuttle Buses

Deprived of data, transit agency tracks tech shuttle buses with cameras (Photo: Gabriel Lurie) The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority estimates that companies spend roughly $249,000 a year to operate each shuttle, with an annual cost per rider of $12,000 to...

Free Transit?

Free transit in Paris? The city is launching research into a plan that could set free the Metro, bus, and suburban rail system across a metropolitan area that’s home to over 11 million people, making the Paris region the largest free public transit zone in the world....

How to Get Around on Public Transit
Want to quit driving? Have a friend or loved one who needs to quit? Want easy planners and trackers for your transit trip? This downloadable page is your ticket.

Cities that Do It Well

Cities and regions around the world are finding ways to get people out of cars, into buses, biking and walking.  Read about a few ways that are working out. Sustainable mobility and citizen engagement: Korea shows the way How Suwon went from car-dominated to a busing,...

Our Car Efficiency Standards

They’re undoing California’s higher gasoline-mileage standards, which have led the way for half the country. Seventeen states,...

Electrifying Buses

Supervisor candidate wants all SF buses to run on batteries Board of Supervisors candidate Nick Josefowitz’s campaign opposes what he calls Muni’s “dirty” diesel buses, and contends Muni’s fleet should be replaced to help fight climate change. “We should put in place...

CARB Action?

The CA Air Resources Board makes plans to cut transportation emissions and controls some state funding. What have they done for the climate lately? (The proposed 2918-9 state budget is over $130 billion.) California Air Resources Board...

Housing and Transit

Lack of housing options in the cities has been resulting in urban sprawl and forcing lower-income earners to commute further, often in higher-emission cars, to work in the cities. Parking Requirements and Housing: California’s Love of Cars Is Fueling Its Housing...

Active Transportation

Promote transit, biking and walking to reduce Greenhouse Gases


And take a look at this cool video: Rich City Rides Children’s Earn A Bike Workshop

Cleaner Vehicles

EV with solar 2Eliminate fossil-fuel vehicles by electrifying transportation.

In The News

Legislation to achieve 1.5 million EVs in California–AB1184

GREEN ENERGY INCENTIVES PROPOSED FOR ELECTRIC VEHICLES Legislation would establish a $3 billion fund to back increased rebates, making electric cars more competitive By Louis Hansen lhansen@bayareanewsgroup.com California could be poised to set up more generous...

350 Bay Area comments on Plan Bay Area

350 Bay Area submitted this detailed and informative comment on the latest update of Plan Bay Area. Letters of comment like this one that offer specific fact-based suggestions for remedying defects in the plan, and represent over twenty thousand informed activists,...

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