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Our vision of transportation is climate-friendly, convenient, affordable and available to all.
The emphasis is on moving people rather than vehicles, and on being there rather than getting there.
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California lawmaker wants all Uber, Lyft cars to be electric by 2028
Senate Bill 1014 from Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) would set goals for the electrification of ride-hailing cars over the next decade, and set aside up to $300 million to help subsidize the purchase of electric cars by ride-hailing drivers. Spokespeople for Lyft and Uber said the companies were reviewing the bill.

By Liam Dillon, LA Times, Feb 7, 2018

More to come

How to Charge an EV if You Don’t Own a Garage 

Will an electric car work with your lifestyle? Read about how you can charge it up if you don’t have a convenient home garage to plug it in overnight.


Information from all over on climate solutions in transportation

How to Get Around on Public Transit
Want to quit driving? Have a friend or loved one who needs to quit? Want easy planners and trackers for your transit trip? This downloadable page is your ticket.

Congestion Management Around the World

Getting cars and trucks out of busy downtowns is crucial to encouraging public transit, biking and walking. When they’ve got to drive, a congestion fee supports sharing the car. A number of cities worldwide are instituting or working on plans for this smart idea....

Housing and Transit

Lack of housing options in the cities has been resulting in urban sprawl and forcing lower-income earners to commute further, often in higher-emission cars, to work in the cities. Mountain View planning commission considers more homes near jobs The proposed...

California Prepares to Ban Gas Cars

Is California ready to join Great Britain, France, China, India and other countries in setting a phase-out date for gas cars and light trucks?  If the Clean Cars 2040 Act–AB1745–introduced into the California Assembly January 3, 2018, is approved, only...

Climate Initiatives

We advocate for a number of climate-related initiatives, like parking policies that discourage single-occupancy vehicles, pay-as-you-go car insurance, traffic management for lower emissions, car sharing, and public education campaigns. Electrify Autos and Trucks...

Transport Equity

Lower-income communities often have fewer convenient options for transportation – fewer bus and train lines, less access to transit passes and higher fares when they pay cash.  As a result they wind up driving, in older cars that pollute more.  It adds up to one...

Transit, Bikes, And Pedestrians

We can build our cities to be pedestrian, bicycle, and transit-friendly.  This means concentrating new development close to BART and other transit lines.  The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has a plan that calls for 80% of all new development to be built...

About TNCs

Read here about Transportation Network Companies such as Uber and Lyft.  What are their effects on CO2 emissions?  How do they change travel patterns?  What is happening with attempts to keep private transportation companies from undercutting public transit?  Can they...

Active Transportation

Promote transit, biking and walking to reduce Greenhouse Gases


And take a look at this cool video: Rich City Rides Children’s Earn A Bike Workshop

Cleaner Vehicles

Eliminate fossil-fuel vehicles by electrifying transportation.

In The News

350 Bay Area comments on Plan Bay Area

350 Bay Area submitted this detailed and informative comment on the latest update of Plan Bay Area. Letters of comment like this one that offer specific fact-based suggestions for remedying defects in the plan, and represent over twenty thousand informed activists,...

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