Our Vision

Our vision of transportation is climate-friendly, convenient, affordable and available to all.
The emphasis is on moving people rather than vehicles, and on being there rather than getting there.
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Helsinki: Mixing Public and Private Transit

Transport As a Service: It Starts with a Single App (excerpt) The Economist, Sep 29, 2016 Get the Traveler Seamlessly from Door to Door Helsinki residents can travel quickly door-to-door within the city by using an app that mixes and matches a variety of public and...

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June Transportation Campaign Meeting

June 3 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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We’re Zooming to reduce our carbon footprint. Please RSVP – the time could change so mak...

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Housing and Transit

One Thing Silicon Valley Can’t Seem to Fix
It seems obvious to build a large corporate office near a transit stop, but only 21 percent of Bay Area jobs are within a half-mile of a regional rail station. If you take San Francisco out of the equation, that percentage drops to 5 percent.
By Allison Arieff, New York Times Opinion, July 8, 2017

Changing the politics of housing in California
By Chris Elmendorf, Rick Frank and Darien Shanske, SF Chronicle, April 26, 2018
California is not going to achieve large-scale, high-density development near transit unless it can change the local politics of housing.

Bill for Housing near Transit in LA
Senator Ben Allen’s SB 961, which Move LA wrote and is sponsoring, would create “Neighborhood Infill Finance and Transit Improvement (NIFTI-2) Districts” around rail stations and along high-frequency bus corridors.
gloria ohland | 397mp
April 25, 2018

How to Charge an EV if You Don’t Own a Garage 

Will an electric car work with your lifestyle? Read about how you can charge it up if you don’t have a convenient home garage to plug it in overnight.

How to Get Around on Public Transit
Want to quit driving? Have a friend or loved one who needs to quit? Want easy planners and trackers for your transit trip? This downloadable page is your ticket.

Electrify TNCs

SB 1014, Senator Skinner’s Electrify California Ride-hailing bill (E-CAr) Clears Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

California lawmaker wants all Uber, Lyft cars to be electric by 2028

Senate Bill 1014 from Sen. Nancy Skinner (D-Berkeley) would set goals for the electrification of ride-hailing cars over the next decade, and set aside up to $300 million to help subsidize the purchase of electric cars by ride-hailing drivers.


Information from all over on climate solutions in transportation

Congestion Management Around the World

Getting cars and trucks out of busy downtowns is crucial to encouraging public transit, biking and walking. When they’ve got to drive, a congestion fee supports sharing the car. A number of cities worldwide are instituting or working on plans for this smart idea....


AB 1745 has been withdrawn; legislators do this to keep the bill alive for future re-introduction.  It was facing opposition in the Assembly’s Transportation Committee.  You can help: check the committee roster and if your representative is on the list, write or call to say you support the Clean Cars 2040 Act and want the committee to pass strong air quality legislation.

AB 1745: No new gas cars registered in California after 2040
If the Clean Cars 2040 Act–AB1745 is approved, only zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) will be allowed to register after January 1, 2040. The Act will allow California to meet its climate goals such as AB32 which requires a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2040.
Who is my representative?

CARB Action?

The CA Air Resources Board makes plans to cut transportation emissions and controls some state funding. What have they done for the climate lately? (The proposed 2918-9 state budget is over $130 billion.) California Air Resources Board...

Transport Equity

Lower-income communities often have fewer convenient options for transportation – fewer bus and train lines, less access to transit passes and higher fares when they pay cash.  As a result they wind up driving, in older cars that pollute more.  It adds up to one...

Coming to the Ballot

Legislation worth keeping an eye on. Regional Measure 3 Bay Area-wide Poll Finds Voters Favor RM3 RM3 would increase bridge tolls to provide funding for transportation improvements. This poll by Alameda County Transit covers the entire Ba Area and found that over half...

AB 1745: CA Prepares to Ban Gas Cars

Is California ready to join Great Britain, France, China, India and other countries in setting a phase-out date for gas cars and light trucks?  If the Clean Cars 2040 Act–AB1745–introduced into the California Assembly January 3, 2018, is approved, only...

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles: Why Don’t People Know? Californians are not deciding they don’t want PEVs. Rather, they remain to a great extent unaware of PEVs and anything about them. The article includes suggestions for raising awareness. By Justin Gerdes, GreenTech...

Active Transportation

Promote transit, biking and walking to reduce Greenhouse Gases


And take a look at this cool video: Rich City Rides Children’s Earn A Bike Workshop

Cleaner Vehicles

Eliminate fossil-fuel vehicles by electrifying transportation.

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We meet monthly. Most of the time we’re Zooming to reduce our carbon footprint, but make sure to RSVP so we can let you know the specifics.
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In The News

350 Bay Area comments on Plan Bay Area

350 Bay Area submitted this detailed and informative comment on the latest update of Plan Bay Area. Letters of comment like this one that offer specific fact-based suggestions for remedying defects in the plan, and represent over twenty thousand informed activists,...

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