Over 100 people have signed onto this letter urging the California Air Resources Board to stand firm with California’s clean vehicle standards in the face of threats from the federal government to withdraw EPA support for these standards.  The letter is shown below.  We will continue to urge the state to defend these standards, which are critical to meeting our climate goals.

April 20, 2017

The Honorable Mary Nichols, Chair California Air Resources Board

Dear Chairwoman Nichols:

As a Californian, I urge you to support the strongest possible clean car rules at the state and federal levels.

You are aware, I am sure, that fossil-fuel powered motor vehicles are the most significant contributors to the climate crisis, across California and the United States.  Our best current hope for limiting the damage is by maintaining the vehicle emission standards as currently set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and California’s 2025 Advanced Clean Cars and Zero Emission Vehicle program.

I urge you to:

  • Implement the California emissions standards and federal EPA/NHTSA standards to deliver significant climate and public health benefits by 2025
  • Promote development of post-2025 clean car and zero emission technology standards to reduce ozone-forming pollutants, fine particles, and climate pollution
  • Strengthen and extend the Zero Emission Vehicle standard to more toward the 2050 goal of 100% zero emission vehicle sales
  • Forcefully resist any effort by the federal government to restrict California’s ability to promote strong vehicle pollution standards, and encourage other states to follow California’s lead

These measures will have a tremendous positive impact on the health and well-being of people throughout the state, and ultimately the nation.  Strong state and federal rules are needed for healthy communities to survive climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicle emissions.  Controlling vehicular pollution also reduces the number of Americans who suffer from respiratory disease and asthma.

California has long been a leader in curbing emissions of ozone-forming pollution, limiting deadly particles and greenhouse gases, and in development of zero-emissions vehicles. That leadership is needed now more than ever before.   Thank you for your leadership and support.